Education in Singapore

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Education In Singapore

Singapore is quickly establishing itself as a country that is carving out a niche for itself among international students seeking higher education. Singapore, especially for Indian students, appears to be a lucrative alternative due to the country's proximity to India, both geographically and culturally. Singapore is, undoubtedly, an attractive option for world-class education at a reasonable price.


Affordable education

  • Low cost of living and high employment rate
  • Technologically advanced country
  • Be part of a high quality learning environment that is recognized internationally

International exposure

  • Learn from top professors in the industry
  • Get first-hand experience with real projects and clients in the field
  • Opportunity to intern with companies such as Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Amazon, etc

Safe environment

  • Non tolerance policy towards abuse
  • Low crime rate
  • Caring and warm people

High quality educational institutions

  • Highly-skilled, well-educated and well-trained workforce
  • Expats have a high quality of life, with a relatively low crime rate, an easy-to-navigate transport network and clean streets
  • Singapore has a great economy with top-notch technology and educational Institutions

Job opportunities

  • Singapore is a global business and financial hub with multiple opportunities in many sectors from IT, banking, finance, and education to the arts, sports and entertainment
  • Student employment is a common practice in Singapore, with over 200,000 foreign students in Singapore working part-time to support their studies
  • The demand for foreign labour is high as Singapore strives to become the global trade and financial hub of Asia, with the target of becoming one of the world’s most attractive investment and business destinations

Numerous business programs

  • It is one of the most business friendly countries in the world
  • Offers numerous programs to foreign investors who wish to move to Switzerland
  • Offers numerous business programs that are recognized worldwide

Cultural diversity


  • Visited by millions of tourists and business travelers each year
  • A safe, clean and green city
  • A melting pot of different cultures, cuisine and art

Many scholarships opportunities

  • Offers a broad range of opportunities for international students to gain a qualification in Switzerland
  • Students can apply for numerous scholarships and grants to help cover their tuition fees, accommodation, living costs or even travel costs
  • Offers a wide range of courses to choose from, and attracts top lecturers and professors from around the globe

Cost Of Study

Educational Programs & Cost of Tuitions (Per year)

Undergraduate bachelor’s degree

Rs. 657,000- Rs. 822,000

Master’s degree

Rs. 986,000- Rs. 1,370,000

Top universities of Singapore

National University of Singapore

Global Ranking 11

Nanyang Technological University

Global Ranking 13

Singapore Management University

Global Ranking 511

Student visa documents

The government of Singapore offers all Indian students the chance to study in the country; however, you must first get a student visa. Your visa requirements will be determined by

Your Age

The course you wish to study

The length of time you intend to stay in Singapore

Regardless of your subject of study, you will almost certainly need a student pass (Student visa) as an overseas student.

What is a student pass?

In Singapore, a visa is called a 'Pass'. An example of a student pass would be, one that allows students to study for a Bachelor's degree for four years. All those who are 19 or younger applying for a student pass (to simply study in Singapore) can submit their application directly to the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

Documents required for a Singapore student visa

International student application form

A valid passport

Your visa application fee

Work experience certificate

Fixed Deposit Receipts (if necessary)

Bank Statements – ORIGINAL for the last 28 days from all sponsors

Affidavit of Support to be given by the sponsor on Rs.20 stamp paper (non-judicial)

Transcripts (Mark sheets -from 10th class till the last degree obtained)

One Passport size photo (less than 6 months old)

Bank loan sanction letter (if necessary)

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