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It’s a place where accomplishment is acknowledged, where positivity is the norm, and where opportunity is a given. In terms of both people and geography, the United States is a fairly diverse country. This type of diversity can make life easier for a newcomer because Americans and authorities are used to interacting with people from many different cultures on a daily basis.


Many immigrants discover that Americans go out of their way to help newcomers feel welcome and at ease in their new surroundings. Some of this can be linked to the patriotism and pride in the country’s diversity that Americans have for their country. People in the United States also benefit from the conveniences and advantages that come with living in the world’s greatest economy. 


Economic Strength

The US has been able to withstand the storms of global depression and financial crises thanks to its economic strength. The US dollar is the principal reserve currency of the world, indicating stability and respect. 


If you’re bringing your children to the United States, making sure they get the best education possible will be a primary priority. Rest assured, America’s educational standards are so good that it’s one of our top ten reasons to relocate there. 

Career Opportunities

America is a country that works hard and is proud of its achievements. The United States is also consistently ranked among the top five countries in the world in terms of employee productivity. 



The healthcare system in the United States is among the most advanced in the world. You may be confident that if you require treatment, you will receive the best care possible because of well-funded hospitals, well-trained staff, and world-leading medical innovation. 


To immigrate to the United States, an individual must get a petition granted by the USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services). This is a requirement for obtaining a non-immigrant visa. The petition is filed at the USCIS office in the United States by either a potential employer or a qualifying relative. 

There are 185 different US visas, but the 2 general visas are 

  1. Non-immigrant visa- This is visa for people who are going for studying , visiting family, work, business or tourism  
  2. Immigrant visa- It is for individuals to immigrate to the US. This US Visa holder is processed for I-551 or Permanent Resident Card also known as the Green Card at the port of entry. It serves a san provisional I-551 as evidence for Permanent Residence for 1 year upon being endorsed through a CBP admission stamp. A child with IH-3 or IR-3 Visa will become a US citizen automatically upon admission to the US. The N-560 or Citizenship Certificate will then be processed for the child.   

1. Green Card through Family :  

You can apply for lawful permanent residence status while in the United States if you are a relative of a US citizen. Immediate relatives, fiancé, widower, and victim of US citizen maltreatment fall into this group. 

2. Green Card through Employment:  

If you are an immigrant worker with exceptional skill in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics, you are eligible for this category. You are a physician who has agreed to work in clinical practice full-time for a specific amount of time. 

3. Green Card as a Special Immigrant:  

  • A religious worker who is a member of a religious denomination who travelled to the United States to work for a non-profit religious organisation falls into this group.  
  • A minor who requires the protection of a juvenile court due to parental abuse or neglect;  
  • a national of Afghanistan or Iraq who has worked for the US government, etc. 

4. Green Card through Refugee or Asylee Status 

5. Green Card for Human Trafficking and Crime Victims 

6. Green Card for Victims of Abuse 

7. Green Card through Other Categories:  

  • You are eligible to apply for Green Card under this category if you are a Liberian national who has been continuously physically present in the US since Nov 20, 2014;  
  • Were selected for a diversity visa in the Department of State’s diversity visa lottery;  
  • A Cuban native or citizen; American Indian born in Canada;  
  • Person born in the United States to a foreign diplomat;  
  • Were stationed in the United States as a foreign diplomat or high ranking official and are unable to return home 

8. Green Card through Registry : 

When a person has lived continuously in the US since before Jan 1, 1972, s/he is eligible to apply for a Green Card. 


Points required: you must score at least 65 points under the points grid

Age: you should be 45 or below

Language Proficiency: competent knowledge of English required

Nominated Occupation: You must have an occupation listed in Australia’s demand list.

Medical Status: you should have a Proof of good health

Skill Assessment: your skills are assessed based on your education and experience

Benefits of Australia Permanent Resident visa (PR) for Indians

Australia PR visa holder can Work and live in Australia indefinitely

Australian PR visa holder has Opportunity to study in Australia

Australia PR visa holders can Enroll in Medicare, Australia’s state-run healthcare program

Australia PR visa holder has Opportunity to apply for Australian citizenship

Australia PR visa holders can Sponsor relatives for permanent residence

Australian PR visa holders can Travel anywhere in Australia

Job opportunities

Recent growth industries include:




IT(Information Technology)



Financial Managaer


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