The SAT is a standardized test to check the college readiness of undergraduate applicants. Initially termed the Scholastic Aptitude Test, it is now popularly known by just its acronym, SAT. The test is usually attempted by students seeking admission into graduate schools in the US, with some choosing to appear for it as early as their 10th grade, though the majority of the test writers are 12th-grade students. It is only available in the paper-based format. SAT is owned and administered by College Board, USA. It can be written multiple times a year at select centers across India.


The test is designed to gauge the reading, writing & numerical ability of the test-takers so that it affords the college admission officers a uniform yardstick by which to measure the applicants. The three primary measures are:

Reading Ability

The test-takers reading comprehension skills, including identifying the details and the gist, finding evidence, drawing connections and inferences, interpretation of infographics as well as vocabulary in context 

Writing Aptitude

Writing Aptitude – Writing with a focus on clarity of expression, ability to identify grammatical and lexical errors, and precision and brevity in written expression 

Mathematical Skills

Mathematical Skills – The emphasis is on problem-solving, applying basic arithmetic and algebraic equations, data analysis, geometry, and trigonometry.


Over 80% of the questions on SAT are multiple-choice, with the remaining being grid-in type (for math). The SAT is 3 hours long and has 4 sections, under two major categories: 

Part 1 : Evidence-based Reading & Writing


65 Minutes
52 Questions
5 Passages (With at least one paired set and one with infographic)

Writing & Language

35 Minutes
44 Questions
4 Passages

Part 2 : Mathematics

Math – No Calculator

25 Minutes
20 Questions
Heart of Algebra
Problem Solving & Data Analysis
Passport to Advanced Math
Additional Topics in Math

Math – Calculator

55 Minutes
38 Questions
Heart of Algebra
Passport to Advanced Math
Additional Topics in Math

Note: Till 2020, the SAT had an optional essay section which has been scrapped for now.

How is the SAT scored?

The SAT score is a cumulation of a number of sub-scores. The most important numbers here are the Total Score & Percentile Rank.

Total Score

An aggregate of all your sectional scores.
Its range is 400 – 1600

Percentile Rank

This is a rank in comparison to the other students who took the test on the same day. It ranges from 1-99

Total Score

*Parameters: Composite of all sectional scores.

*Score: 400-1600

Section Score

*Parameters: EBRW + Math.

*Score: 200 – 800 (per section)

Test Score

*Parameters: Reading, Writing & Math.

*Score: 10 – 40

Cross-test Score

*Parameters: Analysis in History/Social Sciences.

*Score: 10 – 40

Cross-test Score

EBRW Parameters:
Command of Evidence
Words in Context
Expression of Ideas
Standard English Express

Math Parameters:
Heart of Algebra
Problem Solving & Data Analysis
Passport to Advanced Math

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