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Germany has more international borders than any other country in the European Union. Germany offers more than its fair share of spectacular views, from the snow-capped Alps in the south to the pure sands of the beaches in the north. Germany is quite inexpensive to live in when compared to other Western countries. And, thanks to a thriving economy, finding work in Germany is far easier than in nearly any other Western country. Unemployment is at an all-time low.


Good jobs and incomes, a clean environment, low crime rates, a plethora of leisure and cultural activities, and efficient public transportation are just some of the factors that make Germany so appealing to foreigners. People come to Germany for a variety of reasons, the most prominent of which are the country’s strong economic and welfare systems. 


Cost of living

Germany’s general cost of living is cheap, and essential necessities such as food, power, internet, and clothing are reasonable.

World-Class Education

Germany is a world-class education destination, offering a wide range of courses that are available to both German and international students. Foreign students have a wide range of degree programs to choose from, as well as various funding options.

Work-life balance

Working in Germany allows you to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Germans are known for negotiating for more flexible working hours and prioritizing their families over their jobs. 



Living in Germany

People like to live in Germany since travelling to other European nations is simple. Within hours, one can hop on a bus, rail, or even rent a car and be in a completely new environment. 


Job seeker visa is the Long-Term Residency Permit for Germany is a job seeker visa that permits you to stay in the nation for six months while looking for work. If you find job within six months, you will be granted a Germany work visa or a Germany work permit, allowing you to work and reside in Germany. 

Germany has one of the best-organized and fastest immigration systems in the world. The Job Seeker Visa is the most efficient way to enter Germany. The Job Seeker Visa is a six-month long-term resident visa that allows you to hunt for work. You can visit Germany and attend interviews with this visa, which is a lot better approach than applying for a job from another country. The Job Seeker Visa takes 4-6 months to get. 

  1. According to Anabin, you must have a minimum of 6 months of experience and 15 years of study, with an H+ qualification and university. 
  2. Applicants from Mumbai and Delhi must have completed 16 years of regular education, either a four-year bachelor’s degree or a three-year bachelor’s degree combined with a master’s degree. 
  3. English proficiency is sufficient to qualify for the visa; however, it is recommended that you learn the German Language 
  4. You must have funds for a 6-month stay in Germany 
  5. Must show accommodation proof for the 6 months duration. 


Points required: you must score at least 65 points under the points grid

Age: you should be 45 or below

Language Proficiency: competent knowledge of English required

Nominated Occupation: You must have an occupation listed in Australia’s demand list.

Medical Status: you should have a Proof of good health

Skill Assessment: your skills are assessed based on your education and experience

Benefits of Australia Permanent Resident visa (PR) for Indians

Australia PR visa holder can Work and live in Australia indefinitely

Australian PR visa holder has Opportunity to study in Australia

Australia PR visa holders can Enrol in Medicare, Australia’s state-run healthcare program

Australia PR visa holder has Opportunity to apply for Australian citizenship

Australia PR visa holders can Sponsor relatives for permanent residence

Australian PR visa holders can Travel anywhere in Australia

Job opportunities

Recent growth industries include:




IT(Information Technology)




Petroleum & Gas

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