PTE Coaching

Launched in 2009 and hailed as the first ‘completely computer-based English test’, the Pearson Test of English – Academic (PTE-A) has gained quick acceptance across the world as a standardized test to measure English Proficiency. It is now recognized by such elite bodies as GMAC (which administers GMAT) as well as the Australian Border Agency and the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship for visa applications.  Applications for the United Kingdom and New Zealand visas also accept PTE Academic as valid. PTE is completely automated, which means both the test and grading are done by the computer, which effectively simplifies the testing experience.


Your English Proficiency is measured through a number of integrated tasks, which mirror how English is actually used in academic settings. It presents a clear assessment of a non-native student’s college readiness to the admissions officers, as well as the English Language skills of potential immigrants to Immigration processing officials.


Overall the test has 4 sections. Except for Reading, all the other sections have integrated tasks that require you to apply two or more skills at once. The test is about 3 hours long and completely AI administered.


77 – 93 minutes
• Personal Introduction • Read Aloud • Repeat sentence • Describe image • Re-tell lecture • Answer short question


• Summarise written text (10 mins)

• Essay (20mins)


32-41 minutes
• Reading and Writing: Fill in the blanks
• Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers
• Re-order paragraphs
• Reading: Fill in the blanks
• Multiple-choice, choose single answer
• A 10-minute break is optional


45-57 minutes
• Summarise spoken text • Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers
• Fill the blanks • Highlight the correct summary
• Multiple choices, choose a single answer
• Select missing word
• Highlight incorrect words
• Write from dictation

How is the PTE scored?

Your comprehensive PTE Score Card will offer an in-depth insight into your language skills. You will receive

Overall Score

that calibrates your proficiency to against the Global Scale of English


which reflect your:

a. Communicative Skills: Speaking, Writing, Reading & Listening
b. Enabling Skills: Grammar, Oral Fluency, Pronunciation, Spelling, Vocabulary, and Written Discourse

• Each of the above scores is on a scale of 10-90
• As the assessment is machine-based, the scorecard is ready is as short a duration as 48 hours.
• You also have a choice to send your score report to an unlimited number of institutions for free

The MKP PTE Edge

Although PTE may appear simpler than IELTS or TOEFL, its difficulty level is comparable to all other English Proficiency Exams. Some test-takers may find the computer-based testing mode particularly challenging, as they have to multi-task and be able to think on their feet. MKP’s PTE course, in cognizance of this fact, guarantees that the students become proficient with not just the format of the test but also the modality. Extended practice with simulated mock tests ensures that you are well-equipped to do your best on test day. Some features of our course include:


4 weeks of live/in-class training, with a validity period of 6 months

Free course material

Booster sessions for challenging topics

Help with Test Registration

4 mock tests

Pre-test counseling